Cool Cool Cool

by The Lawsuits

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released October 1, 2013

Produced & Mixed by Bill Moriarty
Mastered by Howie Weinberg



all rights reserved


The Lawsuits Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Arts & Crafts
The Lawsuits - Arts and Crafts

Yeah, the teacher really likes me
This could be the year I really get lucky
I hope my thoughts don't appear too clear on my face
That's why my sunglasses are on my head

Spilled the milk so the honey takes notice
I act lost to start conversation at all costs
I'm looking for a woman to be this boy’s one and only someone

Here we are, gather round
Gonna make it stick with all the pages glued
Mom and Dad will surely be proud
Wait, turn around
It is true, I have five more surprises I can show to you
Arts and Crafts always please a crowd

Despite learning nothing
I know the tempo for her heart's about 83
Till the pen dries up, every word will be dedicated to her

Shake a little, be a spider if you have to
Collect coins to make it seem worth you
Wait, did you think empty pockets are cool to a woman north of eighteen?
Track Name: Onion
The Lawsuits - Onion

Everybody wears a mask these days
I'm feeling more or less I’m in disarray
Everyone of you should just fade away
Give me back the dirt, you can take a ring

Caught in a hellish storm on a pontoon boat
Waves made of water, right below my throat

Every traveler wants me to serenade them
Every fool thinks sand is ground up pavement
When we're alone, you don't bother me
I like your taste to the Nth degree

Every onion started leaning on each other
Heavy weight upon your one and only mother…Who?
Tells you every deep and dark secret
Ain't got a mouth, it's still difficult to keep it from you

But it’s alright now
Because you're all mine now

Every Tuesday is a tango lesson
Every move I learn's a new obsession
I'm so proud to be your live-in dream
I'm so glad you fell in love with me

The vitamins in all the food I eat
Leave me feeling so well below my seat
Age is nothing in a nursery
Wither well
Him and hell or love and me

Watch a flower bloom every now and again
Let a stranger become your new best friend
It ain't in how, but what you do to me
Send me deep into a velvet dream
You know
Track Name: Dreaming #26
The Lawsuits - Dreaming #26

Who ain't afraid to live the south of time?
Near the barley trees and the crooked lines
We took a bump, and said we're clearly dreaming

Where mercedes grow, and innocence dies
I look behind your back and see small white lies
I've convinced myself I'm only here dreaming

You say you got some friends in Georgia
You got some things you'd rather do
And you talk too much to grandma
Hell, she don't talk too much to you

You have far too much to be so hurt
What if I were you and you were worse?
Only air for one, when you're up here and dreaming

Look into to health food movements and prayers for luck
God ain't Santa, It's not what you want
You'll get just enough, when you're up here and dreaming

You think the industry is grateful?
Not if the units never sell
There's always someone bigger, doing better
Once a man, now a shell

Where life is built with coffee cups
Talk too long and drink too much
Till my head implodes, I'm far away and dreaming

Some small inventions might make a buck
But its words and poems that really get you stuck
Doing art for free
I ain't me when I'm dreaming

You say I'm far too in to quit now
But that my time is running out
I say, I love you more than ever
You say, that's not what it's about
Track Name: Long Drive Home
The Lawsuits - Long Drive Home

I've got a long drive home
I've got a long drive home
If i'm gonna get somewhere
I gotta be someone

Knock Knock
Honey let me in
I wanna know who the hell I am
I'm basing it all
All on you now
Have I cried long enough to be let out?

I've got a long drive home
I've got a long drive home
Every woman wants love
Every woman wants heart

Every tear that you've wept is war
Every tear that you've wept is war
Every tear that you've wept is war
Every tear that you've kept is more
Track Name: The Workings of You
The Lawsuits - The Workings of You

On the freeway
You’re calling up and on the state
You’re missing out on every way
And I’m missing out on you

And everything that you’ve forgotten
Will never make you smile again
And everyone that you’ve surrounded yourself with
Could never love you quite like I can

Well, I called to say
That I miss you more each passing day
Oh, and I won't forget a thing you
The workings of you

Well fed and surrounded
It's everything that you can learn
And everyone that you depend on
Takes the fire to really feel the burn

Oh mama
Long Day
I miss you more than I can say
There's not much to do around here anyway
It's the workings of you
Track Name: 10 Cent Piece
The Lawsuits - 10 Cent Piece

I think the rhythm of the water’s getting nervous
Everyone is trying to reach into their chest
I know not what you should enlist as your purpose, but who
And this is all you’ve got to do

Turn around - see your past become your future
It ain’t hard, take a good look in your mirror
Theorize why you always feel a tad bit blue
Oh, darling I was in love with you then...

And, now you call me friend
You always stop when I begin
Ten cents to ten one cent pieces
No one’s richer
But I carry more baggage

If you win, you know you ain’t got time to show it
If we'd begin, i'd pretend not to notice
Eat to your death, take time to enjoy what you chew
And that is all you've got to do then...
Track Name: Anybody's Girl
The Lawsuits - Anybody's Girl

If you want to
Destroy all you've
Put out there in to the world

Go ahead you
Do what you want to
You're not just anybody's girl

You have taken on all that I’ve given
All that I've given
Mama, that ain't even

I applaud you
Your one is my two
You don't need nobody's pearls

How the hell you
Do all you seem to do
Is magic mystery in this world

You have taken on all that I’ve given
All that I've given
All that I've given
You have taken on all that I’ve given
And I ain't even
Mama, no, that ain't even

Because you're the only one

So, if you find truth
Inside your mind soon
Well, I hope it doesn't disappoint

Cause I am for you
I love you
And I don't want no other girl
Track Name: 25w A19 120v Blues
The Lawsuits - 25W A19 120V Blues

Come on baby
Now the glass is clear
How can I hold you if you ain't right near
It once was winter, and twice was spring
If it ain't physical loving, it ain't the real thing

But, I know
That you hope
That I won't get tired of you, baby
But you're failing to please me right
I try to get through to you
But I feel like I’m wasting my time

Well, baby, I got a flask right here
It burned this weight, cured a thousand tears
I wish the summer would turn on to the fall
And we could laugh our whole way through it all

Well, hell baby, I got a flask right here
Borrowed this weight, cured a thousand tears
Wish the summer would turn on to the fall
And we could laugh our whole way through it all

But, I know
That you're cold
You'll get hot
It's getting old now baby
Learn to treat me right
I try to get through to you
But I feel like I’m wasting my time
And it ain't right
Track Name: Cool Cool Cool
The Lawsuits - Cool Cool Cool

The crisp white is much stronger than I thought it would be
It happens to me
Some nights I have purpose
Sometimes I think you tell me don't
It's alright

Standing underneath the sea
Like a barnacle to be
Or a seed with no tree
It's never good to feel worthless
I like to think I have color in a black and white world

Abstract is to abstract as honey is to honey bee
Difficult to see that your lover has a mistress
She is blonde with white glasses, and cool cool cool

So, you feel like a new voice?
It's possible, you see
But unlikely, like the end of the world
Like sugar is sweet, you're a cavity in my teeth

I'm fond of race and two sexes
It appeals to me
I'm alive indeed
I wear pants, and make advances with other humans
Exchange glances, and find that what we have in common is a desire for romance
Track Name: Odd Like a Hymn (Flies in the Butter)
The Lawsuits - Odd Like A Hymn (Flies In The Butter)

Well, we sat down like two flies in the butter
Now we speak to each other
Got nothing better to do

Then we drove out across the New Jersey gutter
From the wheel to the backseat, it was produced in Detroit

When i needed help, I watched you roaches all scatter
I guess i didn't really matter
I had nothing to give

Such a mine field
Cloaked as a home
Dry as a bone
You're all odd like a hymn

Some fault their own because they're torn
Some walked away unharmed
Yeah, the family's got charm
I am a freight train coming for you

Someone screamed out
You know, they're only human
Yeah, maybe more in their noggin
That don't apply to the truth

So, I reject that
Some meaningless statement
I'm so tired of debating
Something neither can prove
Track Name: You Won't Love Me if You Don't
The Lawsuits - You Won't Love Me if You Don't

If i could leave you
Time would have no place left to stand
If I could not see you
I'd never do anything again

You are such a reason
For believing
There is meaning in just being
I want to get clean without a maid
And close to your hand
We, in the universe, will dance
Then I’ll walk you home

She lives to deceive you
She doesn't deserve to speak to your name
Her motives are clear, lord
You act like you can't avoid the pain

Your eyes say you can do
If you want to
But to achieve you
You must undo
Every brick that she has laid
And get close with my hands
Here in the universe, we'll dance
And I’ll walk you home

My intentions are inside you
I would become seventeen again
To study right beside you
To see how you answer every subtle demand
The world has condemned you
And condensed you
And i am compulsively thinking about you
You're a vault that i never could break through
But get close to my hand
We in the universe will dance
But she'll walk you home

You won't love me if you don't
I won't ask you if you won't
You don't hold me if you won't
I don't want you if you don't