by The Lawsuits

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released November 27, 2012

Brian Dale Allen Strouse - Vocals, Guitar
Vanessa Winters - Vocals
Joe Bisirri - Guitar
Brendan Cunningham - Bass
Josh Friedman - Drums

Produced by Brian Dale Allen Strouse
Mixed and Mastered by Josh Friedman

Cover Photo by Ashley Nicole Dix
Artwork by The Lawsuits




all rights reserved


The Lawsuits Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: In Deep With the Queen
The Lawsuits - In Deep With The Queen

You are Greek
Smart as the day is long
You're scaring me
But I shall not let you know it
You wander freely into your minds own trap
You study paintings on my wall
While I’m in deep with a queen

I want to breath
Lend me your lovely lips
You're on E, and paranoid to begin with
How can I know what I cannot foresee?
I got no feelings in my paws
And I’m in deep with the queen

What if it takes more than I can give?
You ought not break what I cannot fix
Chantilly lace, and a beautiful face to miss
Goddammit, I'm me
And I'm in deep with a queen

If it ain't sheik, then cool won't begin to spin
Who is he?
Did anyone let him in?
And for the cheats, what are you trying to win?
I got no time for it all
See, I'm in deep with the queen
Track Name: That's How
The Lawsuits - That’s How

Some pigeons have a heart made of gold
I've never met one, but I’ve clearly been told
Farewell to the days where I fail to regain
Some sense of who belongs

Only zeros can become some one
Your flipped mirrors, directed towards a gun
Well, if you scare but not shake
In the great gods name
You're an arrow, your allegiance is gone

Now, that's how the blues run the town
Yeah, that's how the blues run the town

Oh, Penny Penny, oh, how I pity your soul
She's a goner when her lips become old
She gonna feel something break
It'll be her heart, says my brain
He ain't a pharaoh, he ain't even a dog

Now, that's how the blues run the town
Yeah, that's how the blues run the town
Track Name: Fine Quality (Coffee Flour Sugar Tea)
The Lawsuits - Fine Quality (Coffee Flour Sugar Tea)

I got a letter in the mail today
Is there anything that you can prove to me?
You can keep the sweater
Though the weather is great, I wouldn't take back on what you love

Oh, my darling
Even after all our love went on down the drain
I am standing two feet closer
With a smoke, outside in the pouring rain

Well, I won't go get her
And I’ve tried to sail
But all this water just looks the same to me
And when she's better, she'll be o.k.
Because all my things will be removed

Oh, my darling
Even after all our love went on down the drain
I am standing two feet closer
With a smoke, outside in the pouring rain
The grief, it is settled by the pain
The smoke is put out by the rain
Track Name: Trying to Forget You
The Lawsuits - Trying To Forget You

Peddling on down the road
To see a horse about a moon, child
And, If i always did what i was told
I'd be unemployed and violent

I'm calling up Lorraine
I call her by her name
2 glasses of wine
And then the girl loses her mind
Now I'm peddling on down the road
Trying to forget you

Peeking in to your windows
It's easier than asking
Who exactly you're doing what with
And why they're so persuasive

And when I hear your name
The feelings eat my brain
I'm overcome with something
Can't begin to chew gum
As I pedal on down the road
Trying to forget you

I'm whistling on down the road
The band's playing in someone’s basement
I do fear I'm getting older
And still time is pure and brilliant

Then, I forget how to play
I worry about a scene
A room full of drunks
Keep looking at me
And, I'm on my merry way
Trying to forget you

I'll creep up to you someday
And let you know some old secrets
If you promise to watch me play
I'll put you on the V.I.P list

What? Is what you really want to say
The moment's running thin
I look into your eyes
You keep looking-at-a-him

I take a white piece of paper
And sound out your favorite letters
To mix them and match them
Will make a message for you

Regardless of what I do
Your worst friends despise me
And if my dreams are coming true
Then, you're meeting me next Friday

I'm looking at 2
I'm thinking ‘bout subtraction
Anything will do
I'm just a needing a distraction

Cause I'm staring at a new baseball
Trying to forget you
I'm looking at the phone on the wall
Trying to forget you
I'm sitting in a bathroom stall
Trying to forget you
Oh Lordy , I'm doing it all
Trying to forget you
Track Name: Till We Both Rest in Our Graves
The Lawsuits - Till We Both Rest In Our Graves

If the long and lonely night
Makes you pray to disappear
And the fireside dining doesn't' warm your lovely bones

And the wild walls of fame
Make you crazy in your brain
Know i will love you till we both rest in graves

If the lone wolf inside me
Decides to end its reign
And your favorite tire swing has been removed from its tree

If the emptiness inside you
Makes you question space and time
Know you're loved till we both rest in our graves

Honey, I'm so glad you decided, and came
I ain't ever traveled with a wife
It's hard to find someone to trust these days
And I entrust you, my sweet wife
You're my sweet life

If some person soon appears
Quick to wash away your tears
If they offer you a hand, do not delay

Because the oak and cypress grow
But not in each other’s shadow
And, I will love you till we both rest in our graves

When we exchange our two skins
And your shoes begin to fit me
I begin a mile walk to see through your eyes

And though, I'll never always be by your side
The moon of you controls my tide
Know I will love you till we both rest in our graves
Know i will love you till we both rest in our graves
Track Name: Ebony Rose
The Lawsuits - Ebony Rose

My ebony rose don't trust nobody
She's an ebony star
Shines ten times brighter
And her ebony heart
It's as big as a mailbox
But it's cold and dark like the winter of 2005

So, wherever you are
Don't trust no body
50 miles is far
And silence is quiet
Oh, I'm down by the bar
I'm trying to test my judgment
But I'm feeling so close to this woman
Whoever you are

I got freedom & fries on the table

And you got a long, honey, a long, honey, a long way to go far

But I'm counting you to be the rose in the bed of thorns